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Playground Scenes

What I saw that day


In a small square

When the colors are soaked

You awaken and begin to burn your heart.

With the scent of worn grass

Brightly colored things

In the smell of rusty iron

Young you run around in the scenery.

To the sculptures that stand in the bursting cheers

When your hot body touches

The voyage to the sea of ​​memory has begun.


How old are you in the rough seas?

What I saw that day is here

You are in a dull field of view

Various pieces of memory that have been launched

Collect and splice.


A line of sweat that shoots on your cheek

The early summer sunshine is dazzling

Beyond the open palm

There was a little you that day

The colors and shapes I saw that day

In the memories overflowing from my pocket

By screwing it casually

You will grow older again.

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