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Street Scenes

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Memory of the city

I like walking in the city

Hanging the camera around my neck

Fence floating in the morning light

A slide that sinks in the shade of the sun

Street lights that bounce off the setting sun and shine

Take pictures of them standing around the city

"Being there"

The stubborn people who are particular about that

Everywhere, their upbringing

What I saw and heard

Grasp the notebook you wrote down

Trying to read to someone who passed by


If you visit them and walk around

Point the camera and spend some time

Finished walking such a day

Looking inside the camera

Here and there in the city

It looks like an archaeological site

Come out, come out

Their appearance, their thoughts, their tweets

Every time I turn the page

The wind blows, the shadows fly, the colors are torn, and the light makes noise

Glittering shape, moving shape, wandering shape

Pick up this and that

To dust each and every one

Pour color and add light to polish them

It's a fun time going by

Visit the stubborn ones and wander around the memories of the city

While preparing their sunny stage

Tonight I'm feeling tipsy

Now close the page

Do you want to finish it all today?

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